Transform Your Life & Make Them Gag!
Transform Your Life & Make Them Gag
JAN/FEB 2014 DBQ Magazine V4I1

Welcome JAN/FEB 2014

Every January, we bring in the New Year with a set of resolutions we seek to fulfill, garnering change to better our bodies and lives. We wish to transform the old us into a more thorough, refine, and fully realized self that receives and acknowledges the ample blessings a new year can bring. And the best way to learn true transformation would be from our transgender brothers and sisters of the LGBT community. For decades, they along with our gender-bending brethren have been making people gag from their looks and the way they succeed in life without allowing society to dictate. To honor and celebrate this the for the January cover I transformed myself into someone no one has ever seen me be.

Our exclusive interview with Janet Mock gives us insight on her journey from harmonizing her internal and mental identity with that of her physical appearance. She teaches us about the difference between the transgender community in Hawaii, the contiguous US, and within major cities. Her new memoir Redefining Realness, which debuts on February 4th, further discusses her life as a transgender woman of color in NYC and how she became a successful writer and fell in love with her boyfriend.

Tiq Milan describes his life as a transgender man of color—something that isn’t as sensationalized as his female counterparts. But his voice has a purpose for all those trans men that feel as though they don’t have someone telling people about their narrative.

Abraham Tomo Jr. analyzes the construct of gender expression among gay men with ‘When Queens Climb The Back of Trade.’ His account details his affinity with masculine men and how they are regarded as “proper tops” while describing it’s disparaging effects on feminine men, raising the question, “Can queens be tops?”

While you’re making your resolutions for the New Year, keep in mind all of the transformative lessons this issue discusses. You can step out of the narrow and rigid classifications that define you. So, when you finally come into your fully realized self and walk out of your door, be sure to MAKE THEM GAG.

What I've Come To Know JAN/FEB 2014

A true transformation is not easy, it requires amongst other things a giving up of who you are in exchange for who you can become. My journey to becoming this fictitious cunt blonde bombshell for January cover started months ago with a simple idea.

In September 2013, my team brought to my attention an idea of celebrating the trans community and including it in our January issue. Along with the idea of transgender people featured and profiled in DBQ, my team felt I should transform myself on the cover. During the meeting I could feel that they were suggesting that I get up in drag to celebrate our transformers. They quickly realized by my facial expression that I wasn't about that life and that the most I would do would be to wear a pink shirt and a leopard bandana. Interestingly enough, weeks later I was still thinking about what I wanted to do for the January cover. I began to interrogate myself as to why I was so resistant to the idea of any kind of femininity being expressed on my cover, especially since I am a huge feminist.

I slowly began to see that my resistance to showing femininity on the cover of my magazine was the same prejudice and discrimination that many of the straight and LGB (Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual) community feel towards the transgender community. I saw that my dislike and rejection was based off of my fear of what people would think and oddly enough this same fear and rejection towards the trans community is why they have been pushed to the margins and overlooked.

I then made the commitment to myself to transform my look for January, to embody what it means to be a man that is feminine and fabulous... to be in-touch with my feminine side. In order to keep that commitment, I had to give up who I was for who I could become. The difficult part of this process was surrendering my fear of people not approving of me. I didn't realize how much the opinions of strangers really meant to me. I thought I was surely past that stage in my life; I've always been very clear and confident and have done what I've wanted to in my life with or without peoples approval, but this was different. This transformation was out of the box, but in the words of Kanye West, "I had to get off the boat so I could walk on water."

So I shaved my facial hair off, they dyed my hair 3 times to get it that shade of blonde, I let a stylist drape me in gaudy gold jewelry and wrap my in a $7,000 full length white mink coat with a white fox collar. My Indianapolis makeup artist beat my face within an inch of its life and gave me serious eye lashes for days. I had to get off the boat, it was the only way I could make the statement I needed too in order to be in service to the LGBT community.

Although this transformation is one that was done to make a serious point and isn't one I have intentions in keeping; the process has changed my life because it showed me the steps necessary in transforming one's self. I believe we all have a burning desire deep within to be better, bigger and brighter. We have a longing to fulfill our callings and to live with purpose and many of us each year set goal so that we can be a step closer to fulfilling our destinies.

What I've Come To Know... is that we get to decide what we will be in this life and how proud we will be of it. Many of us can taste the benefits that come with changing ourselves into that which serves our highest purpose, but fear keeps us in the boat. In order to walk on water this year –in order to achieve our highest goals we must be daringly courageous. Courageous enough to where we keep our commitments to ourselves first. Daring enough to vogue in the presence of fear. Daringly courageous is giving up all of our excuses in exchange for all of our dreams.

When you transform yourself so that you can transform your life, you then become the possible. You live in the realm of miracles and your capacity for everything is greater than ever before. Anais Nin said, "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage", and that I know for sure. 

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