Welcome JUN/JUL 2014

It is the heart of Summer and this is the time of year most of us in this community find ourselves single and ready to show off the amazing bodies we've been working on all winter. It is also the time where beauty is most visible and celebrated.

With the intention to challenge the common consciousness and to stir conversation on what is real beauty, we expanded our annual 'Most Beautifullest Man Alive' from one person to our list of an exceptional ten. With these '10 Most Beautifullest Men Alive' we allowed them the space to define what beauty is to them. Pg 10

Langston Blaze writes a very interesting piece titled 'The Ugly In Being Beautiful' which takes a look at the many times hypocritical and bias battle between the pretty and the plain in our community. Pg 8

In the recent passing of my dear friend, Dr. Maya Angelou, I felt it important for the first time to tell the story of how this phenomenal woman changed my life and helped jump start this publication into existence. Please visit page 4 for 'Letter To My Son – My Tribute To Maya Angelou.'

Lastly, remember that beauty might be skin deep, but it lives in the divinity within our blood. As we enjoy this summer season of freedom and 'cufflessness', please know that you define your own beauty

What I've Come To Know JUN/JUL 2014

"Everyone is born unique, but most of us die copies." I read that when I was 16 and can remember the feeling of pride it gave me. The thought that I was born unique, different, and that I was something beautiful, empowered me. It wasn't until I became public about my sexuality and entered my 20s that I understood the hole in the soul of our culture.

Perhaps some people would say I might have been too sheltered as a child, but only when I arrive daringly at my 20s did I begin to see how ignorance prevails in our world. I saw that the symbol of beauty tilted, bent, and angled toward superficiality not the lovely light substance that glows within causing us to recognize what the utterance of beauty is.

We have become so concerned with skin tone and bone structure and a small waist and nice cakes, that we haven't looked at the condition of our souls. We haven't examined in honesty really why our cup doesn't 'runneth over' with joy. We think it is our imperfections that we hate, the truth is that we hate ourselves for ever believing the lie that we were imperfect to begin with. And so we bleach ourselves and straighten, and thin and fill and pull and stitch ourselves so that we can be someone else's definition of beauty. I believe wholeheartedly in conscious self affirming transformations that are congruent with a personally mature definition of internal and external beauty. However, what is poisoning the soul of our community is that for the most part our beauty transformations have more to do with self hatred and our reckless and hopeless pursuits to measure up to our culture's ignorant definition of beauty which in the 21st century has more value than our singular lives.

What I've come to know is that there are two beliefs that one can hold on to. You right now in this very moment are perfect the way you are and in every other moment after this you are still in perfection. Or you aren't perfect right now and you will always be striving for perfection. I personally believe in every given moment I am in perfection. I am perfect. I am where I need to be in this moment. God is working on me to move me to the next perfect moment. I am not chasing any imagine of what perfection might be. I am only leaning and urging myself toward love, health, wellness, and peace. I am intending to be a more perfect me. And with this way of thinking I don't judge myself or shame myself or criticize myself for anything, because I remember who I really am. We are all beauty incarnate––made up of all that makes up all that is and will forever be beautiful.

As you remember who you are and garnish the power and the love within you, you will create an experience of perfection, beauty, and love that your life has never known.

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David Bridgeforth A Guest At Good Morning America

David Bridgeforth & Robin Roberts GMA May 11th 2012
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Stanley Bennett Clay talks to Keith Boykin


Read Anniversary Issue Summer 2012 

DBQ Magazine 1st Anniversary Issue SUMMER 2012 V2I2

Love Will Never Do
MAR/APR/MAY 2014 DBQ Magazine V4I2

Welcome MAR/APR/MAY 2014

Love is in the air. Whether you are single or taken this issue should help you get in touch with the love that matters most, the love within. From that place we believe you can attract relationships that introduce you to your best self.

Michael and Aunsha, one of my new favorite couples, wrote a brilliantly helpful article called, "Love Won't Do (Without You) Ten reasons you might be able to win a mate, but lose the relationship". It is a must read on page 18.

On page 16, we talk to the new authors of the little black dating journal, 'Boy Meets Boy'. We believe it's smart, necessary and refreshing.

It was important that I include profiles of young single and taken men of color so that we all can see their stories and be inspired. Learn about Brandon Anthony and his parties on page 7. Be inspired by Twiggy Garcon on page 13. Get turned on by sex symbol 'The Illest' Leo McIntosh on page 15.

My hope with this issue is that everyone will look at the stories, articles and interviews and see your single or taken self and lean towards love. Of course my column 'What I've Come To Know' is all about what I've learned about love in my current relationship and my hope is that it will advance your love life in some way.

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Dynasty Young tells Don Lemon on CNN that David Bridgeforth and DBQ Magazine are the reason he didn't commit suicide after extreme bullying for being boldly gay and flamboyant. Young faced being expelled for lefting stun gun in the air during attepted gay bashing by 6 thugs on school property.  

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